During the past few years, we have seen a tremendous increase on the number of open text publications. Open access publications help many people access to recent advances on different sciences. Open access publications increase rapidly and some people believe it will have significant market share within the next few years. Our group offers a comprehensive survey on journal's citation report according to Web of Science database. We invite open text publisher to use our service before applying for ISI index. Our report helps publishers find out the approximate impact factor of their journal. It is now possible to compare the performance of the journal with an average impact factor of other journals. Our report detects the papers cited by other articles indexed in Web of Knowledge and helps determine whether it is appropriate to apply for ISI index or not. Note that when a journal's application for ISI inclusion is rejected for the first time, publisher needs to wait for 2-3 years and for the next process, the publisher needs to wait for 4-6 years. Therefore it is a good idea to find more about the facts and figures.

For example

Das, M., Sarkar, B., & Ray, S. (2013). A decision support framework for performance evaluation of Indian technical institutions. Decision Science Letters, 2(4), 257-274.

Cited by
Oh, S. C., & Shin, J. (2015). The impact of mismeasurement in performance benchmarking: A Monte Carlo comparison of SFA and DEA with different multi-period budgeting strategies. European Journal of Operational Research, 240(2), 518-527. (United States)

Wang, W. K., Lu, W. M., Kweh, Q. L., & Lai, H. W. (2014). Does corporate social responsibility influence the corporate performance of the US telecommunications industry?. Telecommunications Policy, 38(7), 580-591. (Taiwan)

We may also apply for different indexes and follow up the rules and regulations, prepare and ship hard copies if needed, etc.

We also determine the weights of the self citation, the rate of citations from editorial boards, etc. For more information, email us at info@growingscience.com